Entry: Mindoro 2013 Apr 15, 2013

I honestly enjoyed our family vacation in Victoria, Oriental Mindoro. Money had not been a big problem though we only had a very small amount in hand considering our 5 days stay in my husband's hometown. Well, actually there's no need to spend a lot.

We had a picnic in Lolo Pilong's farm and the kids enjoyed swimming in the river for free with Nelson as our guest. Then the following day, we went to another river called Lakay's Resort where we paid P10.00 for the entrance and the cottage for P50.00. There were lots of food prepared by my sisters-in-law, Ming and Gie.

I tell you, we gained weight in this vacation. My tummy was bulging. :)

My son, H, surely enjoyed much. He has experienced new things and new adventures. And yet I know he learns so much with enjoyment. :)


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