Entry: little adventure Mar 10, 2013

H had come out from his Sabbath School Class. He's bored, maybe. I stayed and enjoyed the children's singing while H and daddy went around PIC. As I was listening to the story by Shekinah (5 year old girl), H came in with a big smile on his face and he knew that it was time for stickers. He's so cunning that he didn't even listen to the story then he asked for one.hehe.. my boy!

In the afternoon, we brought him to the practice of Sunbeams Singing Society hoping that he would be envious with its members and would care to join in. But to our dismayed, he didn't. So we just followed him whereever he went. And we ended up at the Music Center where we had the little adventure. We have discovered that the Music Center has still rooms down, it's like underneath. We had a little hiking around. It was fun and of course, H had more fun! :)


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