Entry: Quotes from my twitter account Aug 10, 2015

Love and laugh and live life longer. -December 1, 2009 Jesus is the reason for all seasons. -November 29, 2009 The Savior went to a spa and saved one soul from sickness on the Sabbath. -October 6, 2009 Love is all that matters cause it occupies space and weighs almost everything in life. -October 1, 2009 Silence sings in the quietness of the night echoing the twinkling stars. -October 1, 2009 When trials come, blessings come. You may want to close your door but leave your windows widely open. -September 23, 2009 Trials are but a temporary, though without it there'll be no victories, no accomplishments, and joys. -September 23, 2009 Sometimes it pays to simply smile and to shut mouth when in odd times. You will be delightfully rewarded. -September 22, 2009 There is only a sure sign before Jesus appears in the clouds of heaven--not until the good tidings of His grace spare no one. -September 20, 2009 Safely pinned sins should be unpin to be safe from the burning furnace. -September 20, 2009 The grace of God is all about compassion and forgiveness. Now I understand better.-September 19, 2009 Loneliness is cumbersome. -September 19, 2009 The rebels won't have a space in the great revelry that is going to take place in heaven soon. -September 17, 2009 Keeping your eyes focused makes the line straight after you. -September 16, 2009 Never say, "I'm tired", rather "I need a rest." -September 2, 2009 Faith has no worth if you don't have a Master to depend on. -September 2, 2009 Gather enough clouds and surely enough you'll have a beautiful sunset. -September 2, 2009 To choose not to is still a choice. -September 1, 2009 Do you need anything? Feast on God's words and ponder upon His promises and you will never be found wanting. -August 31, 2009 There is nothing too hard for the Lord if you will not harden your heart. -August 31, 2009 Every sigh blowed, every pain felt, every grief expressed vibrates to the Father's heart. -August 31, 2009 He who is mastered by his passions is weak. -August 31, 2009 Happiness is sometimes felt in pain.. -August 30, 2009 Accepted and respected differences between can make love bloom to blossom. -August 30, 2009 It's the wits that make men man.-August 30, 2009 Purity is better than perfection. -August 30, 2009


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